Friday, August 30, 2013

Walk where others have walked!!

Who says you are too young or elderly to be great? Why do feelings of age, colour and race bother you? Where is it recorded that your birth place was wrong? Where is it written that your background is incorrect? The world empathises not to age, race or background. Success gives not room to religion, belief or gender. Success empathises solely with the language of attitude You want to succeed and achieve beyond your dreams? To gain recognition and set records beyond set records? Walk where others have walked and unleash brilliance. The famous, recognised, successful and high flyers, waited not for another to take their success and fame, but went ahead and walked into uncharted territories in the quest to break new ground and achievement. You look human enough to do better than they did. You have all it takes to progress towards the glory. Aspire and do things you have never done before. Your success and fame will be like never before. It is all up to you whether you think you can or not. Whatever you do, walk where others have walked. .

Image adapted from Jiaren Lau