Monday, April 25, 2016

How deep is your mud?

Having been unable to post for a while, I came across something that just triggered a post. The caption speaks volumes and I wanted to share this.

Life is basically the same for everyone but our capacity to deal with life is different. How true is that? Where one gets a little dusty someone else is totally messed up in dirt.  Where one gets splashes of water another gets drenched, where one gets stuck in a hole another jumps over it, where one cannot get over it another laughs it off and as the image says where someone gets a little mud on the feet someone is fully immersed in mud. That said, your response to the incident depends on who you ask. Where one response will paint a mountain of a problem, another will make it seem like a molehill. It's all up to the one you ask.

How are you increasing your capacity to handle the mud in your life? Is it through engaging in constructive conversation, enlarging your mental capacity through study, being part of groups that support you or creating financial wealth. Whatever it is, you need to create clearance for yourself so that you can scale some mud when the time comes and you will be able to walk to the other side. Because truly in life the mud will come up and you need to cross it.