Friday, August 30, 2013

Walk where others have walked!!

Who says you are too young or elderly to be great? Why do feelings of age, colour and race bother you? Where is it recorded that your birth place was wrong? Where is it written that your background is incorrect? The world empathises not to age, race or background. Success gives not room to religion, belief or gender. Success empathises solely with the language of attitude You want to succeed and achieve beyond your dreams? To gain recognition and set records beyond set records? Walk where others have walked and unleash brilliance. The famous, recognised, successful and high flyers, waited not for another to take their success and fame, but went ahead and walked into uncharted territories in the quest to break new ground and achievement. You look human enough to do better than they did. You have all it takes to progress towards the glory. Aspire and do things you have never done before. Your success and fame will be like never before. It is all up to you whether you think you can or not. Whatever you do, walk where others have walked. .

Image adapted from Jiaren Lau

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The factor within

This silent factor subtly and inertly attracts people.
A force you cannot control with physical strength.
Strength and might cannot at all dissipate the power.

That this magnetic force puts inside of you to wonder.
How things would be if only you maintain the hunger.
To be, to live, to laugh and love like there’s no other.

Just that one person your heart rages for like thunder.
It is overwhelming you feel like you are going under.
Never does it occur to you that this could be a bother.

And so you think, maybe you will succeed like a hunter.
Who has exhausted all his strength but with no plunder.
Yet he knows that a moment of joy is coming up yonder.

And so, the factor gives not one, any rest nor slumber.
For this is the way it is and so will it always linger.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Get up, get over it and get going

Life has crushed me and I have fallen. I should have stayed down. Ordinarily and justifiably so, people would have lamented, “he has suffered enough and needs a break from it all”. Adding to my comfort in sorrow and wallowing in pain. It would seem normal to dwell in their sympathy and empathy. But, I decided life was more than just accepting one event. Allowing it to rule and take over other greater events to come. Against all odds and deemed normalcy I shook off ashes for beauty. I adjusted and realigned my future with my new circumstance. I refused to stay down and accept that all was lost, choosing life. I ignited my passion drivers while facing my passion killers. At that moment I realized the passion in me is greater than that which came, tried to destroy me and failed. Having been left alive and passionate, I can still move on. Hence I will act and possess new uncharted territory. I will move what is behind, beyond and overcome the overwhelming. Using what I have, I will get up, get over it and get going again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All you need is a little light

Light as we know it is visible to the human eye, but there also is a certain little light that no one sees. A miraculous lamp that flickers in the windiest of storms. Nudging and urging us to ignore our ‘now’ for a desired ‘then’. Most importantly, it cannot be snatched from someone with vision. One man used this to his benefit to become the icon he is today. His name means “troublemaker” but he ended lots of trouble. He has become a shining beacon of peace across the world, becoming a recipient of the respected Nobel Peace Prize. A symbol of freedom and equality in the Rainbow Nation is he. This, against a backdrop of hate, discrimination and a dark past. Reconciliation, unification and negotiation are words he lives by, hence multi-racial democracy and unity have become possible. Ideals of democracy, free society and equal opportunity, have become real and alive in his lifetime up to this day. The little light within him has been the source of his existence. It has been the tower of strength, hope and lasting aspiration. Years of incarceration, isolation, pain and scarring of the heart, could not dim this glimmering light within his innermost, but in fact, led him to push and explore his mental boundaries. Against all odds, he persevered and rose from the jaws of death. The little light inside him burst out and now reaches to the world spreading like a veld fire this light touches and penetrates hearts. All this from a little light and there has been no difference whether his freedom be denied or granted, he lives with dignity. Umtata to the world, he reaches out, inspires and unites generations. All you need is a little light and the walls around you disappear. Walls of anger, hate, adversity, a dark history, race or gender. They all crumble around you when your light is alight in you. All you need is a little light and you, me, the world, is one.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A world of paradox

To one it is a reason for war to another a reason for love. What is to one an annoyance is to another a good laugh. The most intense fight can lead to a long lasting friendship. The strongest emotions can be from the most fictional story. The best interests of two people may not make them agree. The strongest opposites can attract closer and dearer to another. The strongest differences between people can draw them closer. A painful decision by one, can lead to a joyous decision by another. A moment of anger can be followed by one of passion and love. An unfortunate incident, can lead to a fortunate relationship. An unintended error, can lead to a generational discovery. The most trusted person can be the most harmful. The weirdest guy can be most caring, loving husband. The varsity drop out can become the role model for business success or the wealthiest man. The scapegoat for failure to one can be the reason for success to another. One whose opinion is muted, can have the answer to the most disturbing problem. We may look and find the answers or never will be able to know what kind of world it is we live in. It is a world of paradox. That is where we live.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

You don't have to be here

I may be lonely without one to laugh or cry with, but my spirit is at peace knowing you are there. My heart knows that you wish me well, and pray for me. Your prayers give warmth and comfort, as if you are here. Your wishes for me are real and noble. They give strength. You care about my life and not what is in my life. If you cared about what is in my life or what I have, you would only be there if I have what you care for, but because I have my life, I also have you, Your care and love, I feel in my life always. I am not with you always, nor do I think of you always, but when I do, it’s the most satisfying feeling. To know you are there somewhere in this world. My successes and failures when you were not there, I share with you and your responses are just perfect. Fully making up for all the time you were not there. Such is the immense value drawn between us. It is the same as if we had been together all along. Since this is how we are, you don’t have to be here. You just have to be there, wherever you are.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am Alive

I aspire, dream, hope, expect, await and wish, only time cannot be pushed forward and therefore it holds me back from the peace and joy ahead of me. Weeping endures a night, with joy coming in the morning. I long, reminisce, cherish, regret and wish, only time cannot be reversed and therefore it bars me from things that will never be again, meditating on these disrupts progress towards my goal. I struggle, wrestle, fight, oppose and force my way, only time cannot be rushed and therefore it gives lessons of pain and anguish for a season, which season prepares me for a lifetime that awaits. Today I have another opportunity, another chance. Time is here today, for me to take control and live again. I must change my circumstance and be in charge. Reverse losses and make good my past failures. I know time is here today for me to aspire, hope, dream and wish. Yes time is here for me to experience seasons of tribulation, but time is here for me to experience my lifetime. I will therefore seek, aim, desire and soar higher. Time is here for me to live today because, as long as I have time I know I AM ALIVE.