Monday, January 27, 2014

Wish you heartbreak and disappointment?

In a speech to aspiring varsity students, a speaker mentioned that he wished them heartbreak and disappointment, to my immediate astonishment! He then followed that up by saying that through heartbreak and disappointment, character would be built. The idea of wishing one heartbreak and disappointment could be rather extreme, but that of those experiences building character is real. When I think of character words like resolve, ethics, attributes, reputation, traits and abilities come to mind. The human brain is a dynamic living organism which changes structure and functionality in line with what one experiences. We have a similar brain but very different thought processes which lead to people being different in character. Someone who has failed an exam is more likely to put in more work in their next exam compared to what they did before than the change in input that someone who has not failed will experience. If one has been told that they will never amount to anything, either they live the words spoken about them in a self fulfilling prophesy way, or they prove a point and go on a tangent of success, hence character is built. This is the ironic nature of how heartbreak and disappointment build character, albeit not always positive. It is better to use heartbreak and disappointment to build positive character that will drive your vision to realisation than to let it destroy not only your character but your vision and destiny as well. Have a great week.

Monday, January 20, 2014

All I need is a little light!

I reasoned that darkness and oblivion were swallowing me. Seemingly insurmountable, enclosing and surrounding, I tried to run but did not feel my legs. Feeling trapped, I figured I would shut my eyes, only it worsened. Friends were few in this dungeon of gloom and all I had was me. I then realised that the darkness was in my eyes, but not within my heart. I had all the light I needed to surmount the darkness. Light that could overcome the despondency, dejection and gloom. This little light shone bright gradually displacing the darkness. Suddenly, the seemingly overbearing, domineering darkness, inevitably made way to a bright new day for my eyes to see. I have come to realise that all I need is a little light inside me, if I am to achieve anything and overcome anything. I must break open and bring forth light that no being can repress nor subdue I have light for my destiny and no amount of darkness can shut out the hope that glimmers within me. All I need is a little light and I will be alright

Monday, January 13, 2014

What is important?

Balance is the ability to maintain a centre of gravity through a body which has a base of support and with minimal sway. We take balance for granted because our sensory systems automatically work behind the scenes to ensure we passively maintain physical balance, most times without effort on our part. Where there is no balance, things are bound to go wrong, a person can fall, things can be dropped and accidents can happen. Now I have to ask the question on what is important in life for it is critical to know. There are just so many distractions to what life really is that some people seem to live in distraction rather than in life. What is important in life? One asks with innocence and feigned naivety. Is it success, wealth, fame, friends, family, exposure, winning, religion? Sounds quite hard to figure it out and it can be mind boggling to fathom. Sometimes when one gets “desired” goals, they realize it is not what they wanted, or what satisfies them and bring contentment. Imagine getting fame, wealth or friends and realizing it is not important. People end up turning to vices of life to distract them from their empty realization. And so it seems they have lost it, because what was important is not anymore. Now balance stated above is not passively achieved in living one's life, but actively pursued through daily actions. It is this balance which is dually important in how life is lived in much the same way it is inherently important for sustenance of life itself. Human beings are so complex and unpredictable to be fixed on a single outcome. Hence the dismay that follows when one gets results on a single outcome. Coupled with realization of the importance of other neglected outcomes. Then retracing of steps, picking up lost pieces and trying to find balance. And this balance out of life is the proposed door to true happiness and joy. Unlike pursuance of a single outcome like success, wealth, fame and friends rather, a good long term balance of important outcomes while pursuing shorter term goals more emphatically could work better. Hence aiming to identify areas that affect one’s life and balancing them out could work better than pursuing singular outcomes at the expense of others. So what is important in life my friends, among other things and as far as I can gather, is balance.

Image Colin Harris

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Dream wall

The beginning of the year is a time of anticipation. Anticipation in many aspects of life including plans, hopes, dreams, job changes or career pathing intiatives, milestone setting and overcoming past failures. It is a time of so-called New Year Resolutions, which on a lighter note I am not sure how many people achieve past January, especially gym and work out related ones. But seriously, someone told me last year to set up down my desired future and put it on a dream wall and always look at it daily to measure my progression towards it. A dream wall which serves a dual purpose of reminding me of what is to be done, as well as motivation of my desired future. So as a form of inpiration for you, I urge you to have a dream wall for 2013 which will help you achieve those goals and aspirations that you hold dearly. A dream wall that will drive your performance for the year and wake you up at night to plan, study, meditate and strategise your life for success.

Here is to 2014 and may it be a great year for you!!