Monday, August 19, 2013

A world of paradox

To one it is a reason for war to another a reason for love. What is to one an annoyance is to another a good laugh. The most intense fight can lead to a long lasting friendship. The strongest emotions can be from the most fictional story. The best interests of two people may not make them agree. The strongest opposites can attract closer and dearer to another. The strongest differences between people can draw them closer. A painful decision by one, can lead to a joyous decision by another. A moment of anger can be followed by one of passion and love. An unfortunate incident, can lead to a fortunate relationship. An unintended error, can lead to a generational discovery. The most trusted person can be the most harmful. The weirdest guy can be most caring, loving husband. The varsity drop out can become the role model for business success or the wealthiest man. The scapegoat for failure to one can be the reason for success to another. One whose opinion is muted, can have the answer to the most disturbing problem. We may look and find the answers or never will be able to know what kind of world it is we live in. It is a world of paradox. That is where we live.