Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am Alive

I aspire, dream, hope, expect, await and wish, only time cannot be pushed forward and therefore it holds me back from the peace and joy ahead of me. Weeping endures a night, with joy coming in the morning. I long, reminisce, cherish, regret and wish, only time cannot be reversed and therefore it bars me from things that will never be again, meditating on these disrupts progress towards my goal. I struggle, wrestle, fight, oppose and force my way, only time cannot be rushed and therefore it gives lessons of pain and anguish for a season, which season prepares me for a lifetime that awaits. Today I have another opportunity, another chance. Time is here today, for me to take control and live again. I must change my circumstance and be in charge. Reverse losses and make good my past failures. I know time is here today for me to aspire, hope, dream and wish. Yes time is here for me to experience seasons of tribulation, but time is here for me to experience my lifetime. I will therefore seek, aim, desire and soar higher. Time is here for me to live today because, as long as I have time I know I AM ALIVE.