Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Love, sacrifice and acceptance

Artists are most times regarded as powerful social commentators who silently speak volumes through artwork. I am not aware of the artist who did the artwork herein, but can only say the person did a great job judging by the volume of words that came out to speak about the art work and the emotions it stirred. This picture was on one of the social media platforms and garnered hundreds of comments including my own. It is a picture of a reality between some parents and their children, but what is more touching is the fact that the father felt undeserving of the child's hand as he probably felt that he embarrassed for the boy, but the boy knowing the sacrifices his dad was making clung onto his father's finger in-spite of his friends laughing at them showing his own acceptance of his caring father . So below are some of the comments I found interesting which you may also agree with.

This child recognized the sacrifices his dad made for him in private by willing to hold his hand in public, even at the expense of friends laughing, he held on tight to his father's reluctant finger as dad quietly didn't want to embarrass his child and  thought the child would disown him in public. Great lesson of pure love from both sides. I'll always remember my dad paying all his bonus money one year into my extra lessons for maths.

My dad went 7 years with a broken washing machine that you had to manually spin for a few minutes to start up, just so he could pay our school fees lol. Made toys from recycling. The things that he did taught us key values in life. Hard work pays off, we get to where we need to be eventually. That's happiness.

Awwww... The father took pieces of his pants to put on his son's pants. This child will be the boss of those same kids laughing at him ... And he will give his father the world of happiness and riches.  And it's a shame that some parents don't teach their kids the how to appreciate.

This is a perfect example of how grateful we aught to be for what we have! Parents makes the darnedest sacrifice for their children!

A lot of kids don't realize the sacrifices parents made for them to have what the got, food, clothing, education, and shelter. They feel that is what parents have to do. They need to meet some of the kids that wish they had parents like theirs. Be grateful for all your parents do, it may not be all you want but what you need.

I wish my dad did that for me.

It's a powerful image..and yes to day theirs lots of dads and mam wit lots of holes so as the kids won't have any I pray the kids can know this.Love is the best blocker of holes.

Those children in the background are far more poor than they realize. I would much rather be a part of a family like the father and boy who have very little than be part of a family where everything is handed to me and become ungrateful. In fact, I do come from a family who has always had very little which is exactly why I have compassion and empathy. The father in this picture is filled with love for his son! Who could ask for more?

Image credit: Unknown