Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Exploring possibility

Is it possible that the image on the right reads possibility? If there is a word that brings hope to a desperate situation, it is the word possibility. Imagine a terribly sick person on the deathbed being told "there is a possibility of turning around the situation using a new procedure". Or a wrongfully accused person going to jail being told there is a possibility to challenge the conviction through an appeal. Possibility changes a situation from one direction to another. One powerful word which many long to hear in dire situations. When you have been denied registration at that dream varsity and you are told there is a possibility to register under a certain category of entry, or when the finances for a surgical procedure are not enough, but there is the possibility to be funded under a special qualifying program. When the doctors mention that there is possibility that an operation will succeed. I love the word possibility as it injects much needed relief in a hopeless situation. It is a word of hope, belief, progression and success. When possibility does not exist, a future may not exist. When there is no possibility there may not even be life. What is your possibility today and into the future? Can you see possibility in your situation going forward? Sometimes you have to create possibility for yourself if it does not exist. Possibility can be planted, nurtured and can grow to fruition and become reality. When possibility becomes reality then that is the ultimate preference. Is it possible that there is more to you than your current reality? Is it possible that you cannot read your possibility correctly as it looks like something else that means nothing to you? So go on and create those possibilities for the future which when  they realize will bring a smile to your face.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Describe your future in one word

I came across this image with a request to use one word to describe the image. Words such as courage, brave, dream, hope, belief and  others were listed below the image. A lot of very strong positive words came out. I realised how a negative thing can be a catalyst for positives. One can look at a situation and see nothing while another can see a new world of opportunity. When you look at your current situation or even your future, what single word would describe it? How positive are you about your life right now and are you giving a fair assessment of the "negatives" or are you not? Can you say anything positive out of the "negatives" or does it seem hopeless? Can you look forward to the future with some form of zeal and anticipation of have you resigned to inability that is not real possibly? Can you salvage that situation and get going again?

I will leave you to answer these questions and also list those words that describe the image of your future...

Image credit: Unknown

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Shadows and souls

There are individuals in a team, group, congregation or gathering. There is someone behind a flat empty shadow. Ever thought about the person next to you where ever you could be at any time. In a mall, bus, street, event, supermarket, salon, church or golf course. The person next to you could be dealing with an issue you have no idea about. The lady in your queue could be handling a crisis you are not man enough to handle. The guy in front of you could be working through a mess that you cannot begin to deal with.The shadow around you could be a desperate soul screaming for a break and rescue. Wherever you may be, you could be seeing a totally different picture on the face of someone to that which is inside them. Outside everything could be in order with peace and calm oozing yet inside there is turmoil, confusion and struggle. Good and bad thing I guess, as people will not treat you according to what you dealing with, but also one wants sometimes to be able to deal with their own issues in their own way without people knowing sometimes. The calm on someone's face says nothing about the struggle within them, the toiling and battles in their world as you look at them. Sometimes it shows, but most times we do not pay attention to it and will never know. It is possible to spend a whole day with someone and not know what is eating them inside, unless one has insights enough to dig deeper. It does after all take an effort to care to see through that blank face. To get the story behind that empty gaze or silent posture. It is even possible to work with someone and never know their daily struggles if they do not open up about them. Such is life that we all seem on the same page but we are probably on different books all together. Will you care today to be human enough to see people once again. To see a struggle, a pain a hope, a wish, a dream, an emotion of whatever sort. That is what true humanity and spirituality is about. To bring pure calm and peace to a soul both inside and outside. To leave someone feeling better than they were before an encounter. To be human and not be mechanical and robotic.