Monday, September 2, 2013

I would choose you

I know I have not done many special things that can compare, but one thing I can do is say many special things that can express my gratitude. Many have said it, and it still rings true, I am here because of you. God gave me you, and you accepted me where others have rejected. You took the responsibility that comes with that acceptance. The pain, disappointment, maybe even shame and sleepless nights. Truly also the contentment, peace, satisfaction, joy, respect, recognition and sharing that comes with that acceptance. I know what you have paid all your life for me even though I may not say. You are a humbling example of giving life and love while absorbing pain and hurt. I cannot imagine another for myself under any circumstance. You needed so that I could need not, and lost your joy so that I could have mine. You bore it all for my sake and I wish I could give my life for your sake. You gave up your life so I could have mine, though it may seem as if you have lived your life. What an honour and privilege you gave me to also live my life stemming from your courage and strength. You shivered where you could have warmed-up so that I could be warm and starved where you could have had much to spare so that I could have plenty. You squeezed the little strength you had left in you for my sake, so that I could be stronger, in good health and bubbling with joy, with not a single worry in the world. Tears swell in my eyes and emotions rise up in me, when I think and look back at all that you have stood for where I am concerned, and the sacrifice, fire and passion that simmered in your heart for me. I stood on your shoulders, even stumbling and walking all over you, and you rose to the occasion and carried me with tender love and care. Indeed you are greatest human being in my books. You are so, because it is not easy to raise someone like me and remain sane. So what I am simply saying is, if I had to do it all again and needed someone to raise me, I would choose you.