Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The factor within

This silent factor subtly and inertly attracts people.
A force you cannot control with physical strength.
Strength and might cannot at all dissipate the power.

That this magnetic force puts inside of you to wonder.
How things would be if only you maintain the hunger.
To be, to live, to laugh and love like there’s no other.

Just that one person your heart rages for like thunder.
It is overwhelming you feel like you are going under.
Never does it occur to you that this could be a bother.

And so you think, maybe you will succeed like a hunter.
Who has exhausted all his strength but with no plunder.
Yet he knows that a moment of joy is coming up yonder.

And so, the factor gives not one, any rest nor slumber.
For this is the way it is and so will it always linger.