Friday, August 23, 2013

Get up, get over it and get going

Life has crushed me and I have fallen. I should have stayed down. Ordinarily and justifiably so, people would have lamented, “he has suffered enough and needs a break from it all”. Adding to my comfort in sorrow and wallowing in pain. It would seem normal to dwell in their sympathy and empathy. But, I decided life was more than just accepting one event. Allowing it to rule and take over other greater events to come. Against all odds and deemed normalcy I shook off ashes for beauty. I adjusted and realigned my future with my new circumstance. I refused to stay down and accept that all was lost, choosing life. I ignited my passion drivers while facing my passion killers. At that moment I realized the passion in me is greater than that which came, tried to destroy me and failed. Having been left alive and passionate, I can still move on. Hence I will act and possess new uncharted territory. I will move what is behind, beyond and overcome the overwhelming. Using what I have, I will get up, get over it and get going again.