Monday, October 26, 2015

Power of tandem

When something is in tandem with another, it follows the other directly ahead of it but from behind. This is where the tandem bicycle concept comes from, where two cyclists are on one bicycle with one behind the other cycling together. Tandem is a form of order which requires synchronization if it is to be maintained, especially when cycling. The important issue about being in tandem is that it requires similar effort, balance and energy to work perfectly. Most importantly, there must be unity and a common purpose as well as destination if tandem cycling is to work. Imagine riding a tandem bike with someone who doesn't want to go where you are going and also doesn't want to go at the speed you are going. It becomes counter productive and almost impossible as you cannot cycle anywhere. I saw tandem cyclists the other day, their feet in sync with a common purpose and the back rider trusting the judgement of the lead cyclist. When the lead cyclist stops the other also stops cycling and they continue in harmony. The image above is quite interesting because Retired Staff Sergeant Seam Johnson in white was blind and became the first blind athlete to compete at the Team Army trials in 2014. This was all possible due to the power of tandem where the front rider pedals and steers while the rear rider only pedals. When one has goals in life and they are pursuing those goals, they cannot do that behind people who do not share those goals and they cannot also lead people who do not share their goals because in both instances, there will not be progress or it will be stunted progress. Working with others in any situation is much like tandem cycling and it is critical to always have harmony and oneness to be able to move the bike together. One needs to find tandem with their leaders and followers to see growth and success. Are you aligning yourself in tandem with those that will help you achieve your dreams?