Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Journey to greatness

I was inspired while watching the September 2013 boxing match between Mayweather and Alvarez. I found the match quite interesting to watch for someone who is not a boxing fan, hence I thought of writing about it. As I sat there watching, certain words flashed in my mind as I looked at the two men contesting to retain their records. Words like preparation, calm, composure, courage, endurance, determination, inner strength, purpose, discipline, skill, tact, strategy, focus and technique. Floyd Mayweather was evidently smaller than Canelo Alvarez, but he did not look intimidated, threatened or cowed. He knew how to use the right strategy for the opponent at hand to ensure he achieved his goal. Both men were determined to keep their unbeaten records, yet they did not lose their professionalism and sportsmanship in trying to beat their rival. They maintained professional calm while fighting for success. In just over half an hour the fight would be over and the winner announced. I thought to myself how greatness seems easy and possibly given when someone succeeds, yet there is a lot of behind the scenes, long hard work that not many may see. Mental preparation went into that match to build the desired confidence, perseverance and strength. Training hours were put in coupled with unique eating habits and many other opportunity costs which were paid in preparation. Success in one round did not mean complacency in another. The same amount of zeal, effort and discipline, if not more, was required in all rounds until completion. I felt inspired to think that where there is a goal, purpose and passion coupled with commitment and determination, there is definitely greatness at the end of that road. One who uses that which they have in their hand strategically and tactfully in light of their environment ultimately gets the glory.