Monday, September 30, 2013

Yet we worry in despair!

The news may be serially negative, the outlook bad, the statistics shocking, the stories terrifying, and the future may look as bleak as never before, yet the birds will fly, sing and chirp in the sky. Not a day will they share your in your stress. Though the economy be in a dreaded recession, the unemployment rates skyrocket unabated, and global world concerns rise on every turn, surely the lilies of the field will blossom and butterflies colour the sky without restraint. Though various social concerns arise each day, with them, political clashes, policy differences, and varied opinions leading to hatred and anger, rest assured the sun will shine on all who embrace it, and the air will flow to all, despite inclinations. See how the lilies and birds of the sky grow. They neither toil, reap nor worry about tomorrow, yet He keeps them and they continue to glow. What more you who are above all creation? Today declare this, that you will choose to see the positive side of life and smile at that small little thing you would ordinarily not even notice in the rush of life. You will wake up confident, thankful and ready to see the flowers dancing, swaying and swinging, screaming in colour hoping to catch your eye for just a moment, and hear the birds of the sky sing never ending songs which you ordinarily only hear subliminally, then watch the sun’s beautiful sunset end it all in grand style. Yes there is more to life than worry and stress. As for me, I will take courage to change things I can change, accept those that I cannot change, and avoid worry and stress where I can. This kind of serenity will make me wiser in my life.