Thursday, September 5, 2013

The joy of success

The world that looked unsympathetic, hard and cold, now seemingly becomes empathetic, warm and caring. Everything suddenly turns to your favour and you forget your past struggles and toils. You feel great and overwhelmed simultaneously, as you try to comprehend and assimilate the victory. Surrounding, lifting, making you feel mighty and big. This is the joy of success that comes after hard work. Joy that overshadows past pain, sorrow and waiting and removes perceived failure, opening new horizons.This is where stagnation gives way to long term progression, which offers opportunities which seemed unimaginable. Friends celebrate with you as they share your achievement. They dance and laugh with you knowing your joy is theirs also Now you can only move forward to new frontiers, as you shape your life and purpose with a difference. You look back at the toil, the wait and hardship. The road seemed so long, treacherous and endless just then, but now it all seems like it was a short patch. Yes it seemed like forever before success came, but now it  is just the joy of success in your embrace.

Image adapted from Santosh Puthran