Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go for broke on goals and targets?

I was having a discussion with someone where I mentioned my concerns regarding the pursuit of my goals and targets. I narrated my worries and frustrations and strategies I can use to get myself where I want to be. The other person then told me to look back at my past accomplishments and what I have done and achieved, then asked me to look at other people who may not have done and achieved what I have managed to. I replied by saying I do not find joy and comfort in past glory as it is no longer a motivation for me, nor do I find solace in comparison with other people as they do not remove my goals and targets, they still remain for me to fulfil. I then felt a bit of selfishness and insatiable ambition but then again that is just me pushing for what I want to achieve. There is by the way the flipside of people who have done better than I have. I should then also compare myself to them, which renders the comparison issue inconclusive. I believe in goals which must be met no matter how other people are doing in their lives. So today I ask, to what extent or if at all, should one be comforted, consoled or find joy in past achievements as well as comparison with other people who "have not done too well"? That being relative in any case, granted but let us not dwell much on it. In tragic situations and episodes of loss, people do use comparison in comforting one another by saying one is better off and things could have been worse and so forth to make someone feel better. So should one pursue their own goals independently and relentlessly? You now know my position, what is yours?

Image adapted from Celestine Chua