Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ultimate contentment

Could some of the sample statements below relate to issues that apply to you in some way?

I am too short
I cannot talk properly
I am not good looking
I have a terrible background
I knew I could not do it after all
What could ever come out of me
I am stupid and cannot do anything
I can never manage to get anything right
Everything is not working, life sucks
Everyone does not like me, I'd rather be dead

People generally avoid surrounding themselves with those who complain, because it is draining to listen to, especially if someone complains and does nothing about the problem, or it is something they cannot do anything about. I made a decision long back that I will be guided by the Serenity Prayer, accept what I cannot change, change what I can, and know the difference but try and not complain (this is work in progress and on-going). Life is better when you do not complain, but rather embrace who you are and what you can do and leverage on that to cover more ground than seems possible. You have probably seen the clip I want to show you, but before you watch this clip, I want to ask you what kind of complaints you have had about your being. The perennial recurring kind, where you label yourself a certain way and everyone knows you hate that one thing or more about you. I want to inspire you with the story of Nick Vujicic who was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, a condition where one is born without all four limbs. Nick struggled with this condition as a young man and even attempted suicide at some point, before finally embracing his condition and embarking on a journey to make the best out of his life. Nick's story, for me is probably the greatest story of inspiration of the recent times, and what stands out more is that Nick does not blame but gives Glory to God, in spite of his condition. He does not blame anyone but makes the most of his life and moves forward. Nick has conquered areas where able bodied people may not even dare in their lifetime and this against all odds. He has a contagious smile on his face and encourages people, who should rather be encouraging him. He has turned the tables of a given life to an admired, joyous and fulfilled life in an amazing way.

On one of her shows, Oprah Winfrey told the audience to "shut your mouth" if anyone had a complaint about to be said about life on social media platforms, before showing them a clip of the story of Nick. Surely after this story, one feels a sense of selfishness to still feel incapable or constrained as a result of self pity and low self esteem, which could be justified, but not as bad as portrayed sometimes. Just as Nick did, one learns to be content with who they are, and contentment is the ultimate form of happiness, as it is internal and not reliant on what happens in one's environment. No one can take contentment away in the way happiness generally comes and goes depending on situations and occurrences. I hope you are inspired to be content and accept who you are and what you can do today and will go out there and make it happen in the same way Nick did, without seeking excuses.