Sunday, April 27, 2014

Can you continue without a reboot?

My system is freezing

You have been working on your computer for days and suddenly the system freezes. You call IT support and almost 100% of the time, they will ask if you have tried to reboot. If not, you will most certainly hear the infamous words "please reboot and try again and let me know if the problem continues". Whether on a personal computer, satellite receiver or smart phone, there is a point when tech support will say the inevitable, especially if, you had worked long and hard on a computer without auto saving (fortunately you can recover your work sometimes). Why do the all knowing specialists say we must do this first before they get up and attend to the problem? Apparently, a reboot fixes a lot of minor system glitches that have developed and accumulated over time, though it may in some cases reveal deeper problems that have also developed. The problems cause a device to freeze or fail to open certain programs and functions simultaneously slowing performance. A lot of times the reboot trick works because, as soon as the reboot is complete, you get a smile from a frown, relief from stress and progress once more. Switch off and back on, or reboot, and the machine seems to find recover. Rebooting enables the system to check itself, reset and reconfigure before continuing.

Gremlins in the system

In hindsight of my prior inspirational posts such as Being Extraordinary, Can you do more, Journey to greatness and Get up, get over it and get going to name but a few, I thought about the quiet and unproductive but, most imperative and critical times of life. The times when a reboot is required in one form or another. The time when because of all the system processes running in the background, your performance has rather slowed down and your feel frozen and unproductive. The reboot phases of human nature, when everything maybe is not working out as planned, or not making sense and you cannot push anymore or set goals and do more. You have mapped out, planned, implemented and executed but results did not materialise, or they went the opposite way. When disillusionment and dis-orientation kicks in and you feel like everything is passing you by in fast forward mode while you are standing still watching. How do you get a fix on yourself to get back on track and start moving again? Could it be possible that there is a way that we as people switch off and on again (reboot), to get our processors back on track and functioning optimally again? I think there are times when you just need to clear out your mind of everything that has accumulated over time. Take yourself out of your own shot as it were, and take the director's chair and watch and figure out whether the scene is taking shape or not.

The fix

As much as the mind is such a powerful organ and tool, capable of all these complex functions all at once, I believe a reboot is needed every now and then. When one archives and put into perspective the overload of issues, be it successes, failures, hurts, joys, disappointments and celebrations, which could be slowing the system down and making the current shot freeze. That short time of switching off and back on again, is way shorter than the time it would take to try and push on with a clogged system. Do you reboot through a morning mediation process, yoga, annual retreat or vacation, or do you in fact get someone to come and reboot your system like an IT guy would come and try fix that problem, in which case it could be a near crash. Reboot exercises improve your performance and make you feel better and more ready to face each day. It breaks the monotony and pressure of life issues and resets your system. A reboot is better than a total system crash as, many times it means your system is still functioning, but needs to clear up and start again with better memory, goals, and perspective. You need to get things working again, but inevitably, or in fact, good for you, you have to take that 5 or 10 minute break (which could be days, months or a year for some), while the system reconfigures and starts up again. It may seem like a bad thing slowing you down, if you deem yourself as being behind, but it is way better than a total system collapse, when you cannot proceed at all and everything comes to a complete stop, and so it is a yes from me. Rebooting every once in a while before we push on with those endeavours. What are your experiences with the rebooting phases of your life? I hope it was not near death experiences.