Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Director of life

I am a few days off with this one as Mothers' day just passed last Sunday, but it is always mum's day I would say, and there is no better way to put across the role of a mother as was portrayed in the clip below. What a way to reflect on the true role of a mother, the "no interview, no shift and no job conditions negotiated role", willingly executed without upfront agreed compensation and a long list of perquisites and benefits. I just could not resist posting this and reflecting on my own experiences with my mother. Interesting how no one, after getting the full job specification ended up wanting to take the post, thinking it was in-human and cruel to even be given such a proposed job offer, there is indeed some exaggeration or two but the point does get home. Food for thought and a great tribute to all the mothers out there.

God bless our mums.