Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can you do more?

It is interesting how when we live our lives genuinely doing what we want to do inspite of what we can gain from it, there is recognition and appreciation, be it direct or indirect. I recently had a friend call me and tell me how he appreciated my support and encouragement during a time he was job hunting. It took me by surprise as I tried to recall if I had done anything extraordinary and did not see such. The things I had done all seemed ordinary, normal and effortless as far as I could see. The call and visit I made while checking on a friend as well as seeking company and companionship myself, for him were a lifeline he needed to get through the day. I then realized how things that make a difference in the world and in people’s lives are not supernatural ‘take over the world’ feats but small little deeds which require no more effort than is usual in day to day living and letting go of pride at times just to make someone feel that their life is worth living, or that they are much better than they seem in their present moment and that their tomorrow is greater than their today, and this makes life so much more worth living. The BIG question which some ask themselves is, can I do more? The hidden truth, which everyone knows by the way, is that we can never do enough, for we can always DO MORE.