Sunday, January 18, 2015

When and where were you last alive

Garmin Southern Africa launched a campaign titled Where were you when you last felt alive  in 2014 and I found it interesting as it triggered questions for my pondering mind. So one can be alive without feeling alive, as in breathe but not be alive? You know when last you were alive and where you were? You can be moving around but you do not feel alive? Being alive is both related to time and place? There are places where you feel more alive than others? Am I really alife? I realized that this is very true for there are 365 days in a year but we only remember a few of them as having truly lived them. The rest we are on auto pilot without even thinking about what we are doing. I previously wrote a post entitled I am alive and it narrated some of the things I do which show I am alive. I think we all know of times when we were more alive than we are now. When we were more zealous and energetic than we are now. The question is, what made us so alive at those moments? Without reference to age, I believe we can be alive in many ways. I have in fact heard people speak of past experiences and say things like "I have never felt so alive". And some of these are very short bursts of liveliness and quickly back to the normal dearth. If I was to ask you this similar question, where were you when you were last alive, would you speak in the now, or in the very distant past? I have also thought about what can make a person feel alive and will break it down below.

  • Engage in activities that are outside your normal way of life. The bold ones go for extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, large music concerts also arouse life.

  • Move away from what you have done for too long and do something new to resuscitate life within you.

  • Create new networks that speak differently to your life and make your mind tick in a different way.

  • Determine to find life in many of the things you do.
May you be alive as you go through 2015 and not merely exist in this world. there is a vast difference.

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