Sunday, January 4, 2015

Realisations, resolutions, realignment and reflection

Realisation is defined as becoming fully aware of something (gaining a full understanding of an issue). It is also the achievement of something desired or the conversion of an asset into cash (a financial outcome like profit or loss becoming reality). I want to focus on the definition of becoming aware of something where you realise that maybe you are not happy, or something is wrong with your business or you have become disillusioned about something. When you realise something, usually you take action on that realisation in a logical manner to correct the problem. If you realise that the reason the electricity is tripping is a faulty connection, you will get an electrician to come and fix it and get rid of the problem. If you realise that someone you thought was a friend is badmouthing and pulling you down, then you confront and talk to them about it or deal with them on an arms length basis going forward. Realisation is the initial step in a process of change that follows. As the year begins, many people talk of new year's resolutions, which are firm decisions to do or not do something. These resolutions come from realisations picked up in certain areas during the course of a prior year. While I do not agree with the inherent implication that one should pile up resolutions in one year until a new one starts and then make new year's resolutions, it is still a good way of revealing that someone has been taking stock of the year's events and intends to change things. Resolutions can relate to things that have moved from an initial perfect state to an undesired state (the obvious weight gain), though sometimes it is a realisation of something that has always been but, is no longer desired. So after a realisation, one resolves to do something about it and then moves to the realignment stage where the issue is restored back to a desired state, or at least effort is made to. Realignment changes and restores things to a desired state after which reflection follows to ensure that this is indeed the desired state and is still in line with the future long term state desired. Reflection may then lead to another round or realisation, resolution and so the cycle goes. So as you start the year, may you go through these steps and make sure that when you reflect in any area, you can smile and enjoy the results thereof. My only advice is not to pile up your realisations until the year ends and then start to resolve to change but, to make it a continuous process throughout the year. I wish you a year of inspiration, progress, growth and happiness!