Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seeing is being

If I see it I can become it for my sight drives my ambition
I cannot desire what I have not seen within or outside of myself
That is why I rise up everyday to a new day and a new world

The dreams I dream matter to me and the visions I see awaken me

Whether my eyes be open or not is no hindrance to my sight

For I can still connect, share, inspire, belong, pursue and become

The people around me, their journey and success inspires me

They are building blocks of a creation process towards greatness
They give rise to energy that propels me to step towards my destiny

My destiny is firmly rooted within me to create and overcome fate

I will soar over, above and beyond, like an eagle scanning a veld 
I will dream dreams, travel places, see what I have not seen before
I will get up, lift my eyes, take a step to explore and inquire
I possess the door to my destiny, for what I see stimulates me

Let me see the creative triggers which will ignite the passion within
Come they as man-made, natural, accidental or galactic occurrences
And I will have renewed excitement, ambition, passion and drive
To be more, do more and live more. If I can see it, I can be, I can do.