Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let your tears flow

Emotional being I am, for I shed tears every once so often justified or not. I cry because I am happy, on cloud number nine, or for sorrow when I am at my lowest ebb and overcome with emotion. I cry in moments when I feel helpless, hopeless, confused and life seems so complex and unbearable, with perceptively no way out of a dark situation. I cry at thoughts, fears, concerns, reflections as my mental state lingers around my life journey and I need to vent tears that will take me to sleep when I cannot by myself. Shedding a tear does not change or lessen the burden of my situation, but it is an act that respects not logic nor conforms to boundaries, whether of race, color, gender, religion or geography. It is an act which flows deep from my human nature, and in the same way that your blood is red no matter who you are, tears are colorless and transparent no matter who you are, cutting across humanity to confirm and affirm our vulnerability, susceptibility and unity in diversity. 
They have no respect for hierarchy and dignity, time and place as well as company surrounding you. The more you suppress them sometimes, the more they flow. Even with your eyes closed they continue flowing, to declare that you cannot deny your presence, existence and humanity. Even the most hardened of criminal, gangster or thug, has shed a tear or two at some point in their life. They are human after all. Tears like a substitute soccer player, wait on the sidelines of your life, getting ready for the moment of deployment into action. They are there lurking patiently as if preying and waiting for the right button to be pressed after which they flow. To one person tears come as easy as saying the alphabet, while for another they are as difficult to find as the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, but at some point a tear is shed, and with it memories of a person, moment, experience or loss.
Let your tears flow, for they speak of your life experiences, who you are, where you have been and where you are going. Do not restrict nor confine them forever, for then you will never know how human and vulnerable yet strong and resilient you are. Let your tears speak your life story and path, and I will dare comfort you knowing that you have been here, written and left a story. A story of sadness and joy, pain and endurance, trial and success, tribulation and delight, decrease and increase, loss and breakthrough. You have not come and gone like the wind, but you have grown, learnt, matured, thrived, struggled, fought, conquered, overcome, risen above and become. Let your tears flow and let them tell your story.

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