Sunday, August 10, 2014

People grow, but mountains do not

 Having grown up staying in both urban and rural settings in Africa, I recall the mountains that I used to see when I was young and how intimidating, domineering and overbearing they seemed at that age. Visiting the same places and looking at the same mountains now, they are less intimidating and have become seemingly smaller as I have grown older over the years while they have remained the same. It is exactly the same mighty mountain which seemed impossible to conquer at some point but now it is even tempting to climb and explore, and is not as scary anymore. The mountain has largely remained the same, maybe even losing its mass to weathering, but I have not been static. I have grown both in stature and perspective in the way I view my surroundings and the world at large.  This seems like the story of life where a problem (mountain) on first encounter can be quite insurmountable and impossible to handle, but the same problem encountered again at another time becomes easier to handle and overcome after the first experience and coming full circle to the second one. The problem would however still probably be exactly the same as before. Mountains come in many types, shapes and sizes both literally and figuratively in life, with mountains of relationships, careers, finances, academics, health and many others. We all face a mountain at various points in our lives, but we do not face the same mountain with the same perspective twice, unless we are not growing. With growth we can recognize mountains that we or others have faced before and be able to draw on our experiences or those of others to conquer them second time around.

Growing oneself
Consistent and continuous growth is one way to overcome mountains of life and start Breaking the block of fear that would once have ruled us. It is imperative to grow oneself not only passively in age nor physically in stature, but also actively, mentally and emotionally in perspective in order to be able to conquer the mountains of life that keep trying to hinder our success. In a gym, there is progression that occurs for a body builder from the day he/she starts a work out plan. Supposing its a man, he starts off with small weights avoiding the heavy ones and possibly wondering how others are lifting those heavy dumbbells. He then progressively increases the kilograms or pounds with time as the body adjusts and grows to handle more. It is much the same that happens in life that the first time one faces a mountain they do not have enough muscle to overcome it and may crumble under pressure, but with time one gets used to the mountain and can even helps others overcome while dealing with much bigger mountains at the same time.  It is more difficult for a younger person to handle relationships, for example, than it is for an older person, because of the growth that has occurred within the older person through time. Most of the mountains people face are typically the same and have been faced by another person before. Life is about enlargement and growth through mostly learning and education, trial and error and shared experiences. Reading is always mentioned as a good way to grow oneself and this cannot be ignored. Trying new things and exploring is a good way of facing mountains and learning how to deal with them in future. Listening and applying the testimonies of others gives a perspective of how a mountain can be conquered with the benefit of hindsight. The brain is enriched in one's life through stimulation and sustained curiosity, without which no mental growth occurs. No two brains are alike, even for identical twins, there are mutations that occur in brain cells causing them to be different with time. It is therefore how each person develops their brain that determines the kind of mountains they can overcome. I know that as I have explored and enlarged my perspective of life together with my dreams, aspirations and goals, certain mountains that used to intimidate and scare me have become small and irrelevant to my life and I have ventured to climb many of those mountains I would only look at from a distance. Have you got mountains that have needed your own personal growth through time to take them on and come out victorious?