Sunday, June 8, 2014

Biting the hand that frees

I once read a story about a Scorpion stuck in a thorn bush. Someone saw the scorpion and was trying to free it and let it loose. Every time she tried to free the scorpion, it would try and sting her. However, she continued on her mission until she got the creature free and it ungratefully went on its way without turning back to even say goodbye. The reason the person did this despite the pain endured was because it was her nature to help, but the flip side was also that it was the scorpion's nature to sting when its personal space was "invaded" (this besides it unknowingly defending non-existent personal space). So whether being helped or not naturally it will sting. Reflecting on this rather extreme example of kindness, I wondered how I have dealt with such situations in the past, where I have seen a situation where I can clearly assist in some way, or someone I could have helped, yet the counter party may not necessarily share in my intentions nor be easily helped, despite needing the help. It is not every needy situation that is easy to chip in and assist, as in some situations you are stung in the process of assisting. Does this stop you from doing what is in your nature to do? Do you change who you are in line with who you are dealing with? Just some thoughts I have also been grappling with in my interactions with the scorpions of this world. It is the nature of the scorpion to bite, but at least in human behaviour, your intentions can be gauged. Would you persist to help as it your nature, or would you shy away and leave someone to their peril because maybe they do not know any better?

I remember in one of my previous posts "Garbage truck encounters", Jay commented and said he "kills them with kindness" and continues to greet people who ignore him because it is his nature to greet. Another fellow blogger also spoke about having adopted a girl child who has been very difficult to integrate into the family, but she continues to guide and support the child as a parent would do, because it is a parent's nature to love. Do you persist in those attributes that are within your good nature, or do you adjust to other people's ways lest you get stung? How fragile are you with your interactions? I have not been able to consistently deal with people according to my own nature. This is something I continuously work on, however, I realise that sometimes I am prejudiced in my behaviour because if I know this is a scorpion, I already work out how I will deal with them differently. Remember, it is a scorpion's nature to sting, whether being helped or not, it naturally stings. What is your nature and how has it been affected by scorpions you came across caught up in thorns and tried to assist? Do you even try or not, and at what point do you wash your hands and give up trying? The assumption to take note of being, someone is really in evidently in trouble and they are also trying to free themselves, but failing. I am in no way suggesting that you are a superhero, but rather suggesting that human nature in general says we should support each other. There is noted trending towards individualism in today's world which affects this issue, so I have pre-empted that part. A lot of questions today, but I hope it gets you thinking in some direction regarding your encounters with people.