Monday, June 16, 2014

Beauty of human interactions

One of the many causes of suicide is depression and depression is a low mood and state of aversion to activity that can affect behavior, thoughts, feelings and state of well being. Words used to define depression include despondency, dejection, gloom and misery. One of the ways of treating depression is through increasing interaction with others in group activities. When one is sitting in a couch at home, cowered, closed in, shut-out and feeling dejected tears flowing and a box of tissue as the only friend, it makes the world seem so harsh, restrictive, small, rough and unrelenting in its impact on you. This usually leads one to depression, but as soon as you expose yourself out there by interacting with others and listening to what they are going through, you may see how your mountain of a problem is actually just a molehill. It is when you speak to someone coming from a hospital visit where the situation is hopeless, talk to someone just off the phone with a medic at a horrific crash scene, talk to someone who has been told not to return to work again or someone who just lost a limb due to some condition that you see your problem shrink or maybe even disappear. Your problems are only as big or small as your circle of influence because it is from the stories told in that circle that you either write off or magnify your issues. The stories that you hear from others about where they have been, the journey they are currently taking and what they are facing daily makes you see how good or bad your own situation really is. Sometimes you end up not saying anything after someone has shared their story because you feel as if you were being petty about yours. You may even end up consoling the other person as if you have no issues in the first place. A challenge or problem must always be looked at within some form of perspective and context, because without perspective one may create a storm in a teacup. I have learnt that when you interact with others, sometimes what you thought was a huge problem becomes nothing more than a temporary setback from which you can recover compared to someone else’s irrecoverable situation. It is no reason to feel good about oneself, but it is definitely something to take one off being unnecessarily depressed.  In general, we approach life comparatively rather  than taking an absolute approach and this is better because one always looks for a point of reference from another in whatever they face. Let us continue to share our stories, as we may just help someone to migrate from depression to a better state of mind as they realize that their problem is really not that bad after all. It can always be worse, and it is definitely worse for someone out there, but taken in isolation, it seems as if what you are facing is the worst ever.

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