Friday, March 7, 2014

Determination doesn't care

Determination is not giving up, not letting go and not giving in. No matter how hard or painful things may get, or how badly you want to give up, you just keep going. The Sochi Paralympic games of March 2014 are not all glitz and glamour for every participant. Paralympians compete for the honours at this prestigious event and Samsung recognised them with an inspiring advert titled "What's your problem, sport doesn't care" which quickened me to write this piece. As I watched this ad for the first time, I could almost feel the anguish a paralympian goes through in his/her quest to succeed but also the determination dominating the anguish. I imagined my own excuses of why I have failed in certain areas, which they echoed, I am too tall, I am not a mornings person, I hate the rain or I just cannot do it. They also face the same issues I face, and more as they miss some organs which I take for granted. I realised that they have made decisions of not allowing anything to stand in the way of their dreams. Putting in double, if not triple the effort that I may put in doing anything, they have gone against the odds. On top of overcoming the normal fears I face and maybe succumb, they face additional fears which I do not even think about on a day to day basis. So in echoing the question asked, I ask you, what is your problem today? What dreams have you buried in the sand because you thought it was not possible? Is it really a problem or a figment of your imagination which you can overcome? Maybe you have lowered your aspirations and desires to succeed and it has become easy to succumb to failure. It is my challenge today to you to re look at those things you have not done because you thought you cannot do them. Someone once said we humans are much more tougher than we can ever imagine and you can only underestimate yourself at your own peril.