Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hidden treasures walking past

I have previously passed people in a street, mall or a staircase, without thinking much about what I am passing by. Yes I walk past a male or female figure but my writing passion has made me realise how much more I fore-go when I pass someone anywhere without interacting with them. When I walk past someone, I am walking past treasures of expression, experience, information, knowledge, tears, hopes, dreams, thoughts, views and opinions, bottled up one person. I recently read about what made people blog in one of my associate writing groups and that is when I started viewing people I come across differently. Now this bring an interesting perspective to light. How many times in a day or a week does one reach out to treasures outside their own? How open is one to sharing their own treasures with that of others? It is like there is a digital timer running each time you walk past people and their treasures of information, inspiration, education and more. The timer goes up when you ignore the treasure and goes down when you tap into it. Every time you decide to reach out of your comfort zone to ask someone one question, can unleash treasures you never thought you would get in a day. It is not everyday that I feel like opening my mouth to have conversation with a stranger but most times it has been worth while. So today I challenge you to reach out and not let hidden yet free treasures pass your by. Tap into the treasures around you and gain more treasures for yourself.

Image from Timitrius