Monday, March 3, 2014

I am not just me

My existence is sustained by many words, wishes, prayers, goodwill, encouragement, people and support. I am a product of love, rebuke, discipline and mentorship. I have not come where I am just by chance or default. Loving people have dedicated their time in moulding me. Laughing, crying, celebrating and scolding me at times, when I rejected their advice, throwing all caution to the wind. They have stuck with me knowing I could be a better person. My thoughts and actions are guided by many role models. When I think, assess and consider, I have frames of reference to tap into. When I decide and act, I have experiences and backgrounds to refer to. I do not just do or act, but I have men and women to refer to who have a vested interest in my daily acts, seen or unseen. So the next time you say or do something wherever you are, do not do it for yourself, as you inevitably do it for others. You are doing it for me and that person who sees you silently. You will be my frame of reference in similar circumstances. I will reflect and refer to what you did in your situation. I will reflect on how you handled that difficult episode. So you see I am not just me as you see me. I am made up of all your actions which I see. You are a part of my life by what you say and do. Much of who you are rubs onto me by our relation. If you are challenged, make me a better person. Don’t just live your life, live it to make me and you better. As we work these building blocks of the many lives we affect. As for me, this much know that I am not just me.

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