Monday, January 27, 2014

Wish you heartbreak and disappointment?

In a speech to aspiring varsity students, a speaker mentioned that he wished them heartbreak and disappointment, to my immediate astonishment! He then followed that up by saying that through heartbreak and disappointment, character would be built. The idea of wishing one heartbreak and disappointment could be rather extreme, but that of those experiences building character is real. When I think of character words like resolve, ethics, attributes, reputation, traits and abilities come to mind. The human brain is a dynamic living organism which changes structure and functionality in line with what one experiences. We have a similar brain but very different thought processes which lead to people being different in character. Someone who has failed an exam is more likely to put in more work in their next exam compared to what they did before than the change in input that someone who has not failed will experience. If one has been told that they will never amount to anything, either they live the words spoken about them in a self fulfilling prophesy way, or they prove a point and go on a tangent of success, hence character is built. This is the ironic nature of how heartbreak and disappointment build character, albeit not always positive. It is better to use heartbreak and disappointment to build positive character that will drive your vision to realisation than to let it destroy not only your character but your vision and destiny as well. Have a great week.