Monday, January 20, 2014

All I need is a little light!

I reasoned that darkness and oblivion were swallowing me. Seemingly insurmountable, enclosing and surrounding, I tried to run but did not feel my legs. Feeling trapped, I figured I would shut my eyes, only it worsened. Friends were few in this dungeon of gloom and all I had was me. I then realised that the darkness was in my eyes, but not within my heart. I had all the light I needed to surmount the darkness. Light that could overcome the despondency, dejection and gloom. This little light shone bright gradually displacing the darkness. Suddenly, the seemingly overbearing, domineering darkness, inevitably made way to a bright new day for my eyes to see. I have come to realise that all I need is a little light inside me, if I am to achieve anything and overcome anything. I must break open and bring forth light that no being can repress nor subdue I have light for my destiny and no amount of darkness can shut out the hope that glimmers within me. All I need is a little light and I will be alright