Monday, November 16, 2015

Quenching a soulful thirst

Every day, as the sun shines down;
I look up and feel the warmth on my crown;
Feeling the reassurance from above;
That today is again going to be filled with an abundance of love.

However, some days, I experience mixed emotions;
But yet, amidst the turmoil, still a sense of devotion;
Deep in thought, wondering about my life, my love;

Always noticing signs from the universe. ..a symbol...a dove.
Love is so deeply powerful and immensely strong;
It is felt everywhere around us, and features in almost every song;

In order for us to receive love, we need to first learn to love oneself;
To love and be loved is fulfilling an inner happiness, a different kind of wealth.
Feeling the feelings that start from within;
Created by choice, should be shared, and not poisonously held in;
Self love- and respect should always come first;
As this is the beginning of a healthy outlook on love and quenching a soulful thirst.

Written by A Mckinlay