Monday, September 21, 2015

Describe your future in one word

I came across this image with a request to use one word to describe the image. Words such as courage, brave, dream, hope, belief and  others were listed below the image. A lot of very strong positive words came out. I realised how a negative thing can be a catalyst for positives. One can look at a situation and see nothing while another can see a new world of opportunity. When you look at your current situation or even your future, what single word would describe it? How positive are you about your life right now and are you giving a fair assessment of the "negatives" or are you not? Can you say anything positive out of the "negatives" or does it seem hopeless? Can you look forward to the future with some form of zeal and anticipation of have you resigned to inability that is not real possibly? Can you salvage that situation and get going again?

I will leave you to answer these questions and also list those words that describe the image of your future...

Image credit: Unknown