Sunday, June 21, 2015

Seeing through closed eyes

There are times when I just want to be blank, not think, see, feel wonder or do anything just for a moment. A moment to just forget about all the cares worries and burdens and not have a care for a while. This is a wish that cannot ever be granted as long as I am alive, for my mind sees through closed eyes and never rests. My vision is not only in my eyes but deep in my mind is where my vision lies. Deep within the partly explained grey matter in my skull unseen by anyone, and whose workings are unknown to many. As much as the grey matter is unseen, it sees way beyond where I am, even when I am in the dark and its works manifest in my actions daily. I cannot be blank, neither think, see, feel nor wonder. I create, build, put together, break, pull down, celebrate and moan and all this happening split seconds apart of each other without effort on my part. My mind speaks while I am silent, walks, runs, even flies while I am sitting down. It jumps, dances and spins around while I am in no mood to do anything physically myself. I see when I do not want to see, as my mind shows me my successes and failures right in front of my closed eyes. It shows me my joys and sorrows as clearly as they happened, be it yesterday or 20 years ago. I can see a face that is no more, even a tree that is no more, as if it was still there. A friend that is no more, a foe even, it does not segregate. There is no discrimination in the mind. I lay in my bed and close my eyes but I still can see so many things. My mind is more powerful than the eye that saw and took in the sight that it sees while the eyes are closed. While my whole being is asleep and innate, the mind plans and sees a future that can be, a life that can avail, a destiny that can unfold. I must just put in the seeds of vision for my mind to work with for whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.