Sunday, February 8, 2015

Half man half awesome

As I watched and listened to the tribute Top Billing television show last week in honour of now late presenter  Simba Mhere, I realised how people do not value all the things that many pursue in life. This death touches my heart as Simba was my home boy and his name means strength which he clearly had and not just in a physical way, while his surname, ironically now that he is dead, means a loud scream or cry. The many actors, musician DJs and celebrities interviewed and with whom he had contact with spoke about the same things about Simba. He was genuine, real, loving, caring, selfless, energetic, full of life, passionate, a real gentleman and he gave hugs most ladies reminisced of in their remembrance. One thing is clear, that none of these things relate to wealth or fame. It all relates to him as a human being who was reaching out to other human beings in a very real way. I did not follow the show much, but listening to everyone speaking these things about Simba brought to the fore a new perspective on life. Simba lived a full life only to die at 26 and leave a legacy of being consistent in being genuine about other people on and off TV. We live in a world where people act out to lead and succeed in life. Whatever people can do to get on top, they will do at all costs without worry about the other person. In many competitions and contests one cannot help but notice how cutthroat the fighting is for the honors, even in business, only to realise at the end that life matters more than these things. Simba had tributes from fellow contestants whom he beat to get this TV Presenter job he was doing until his death. It is rare for your competitor to speak kindly of you when you have lost to them, however they spoke about him with love and respect, as someone who had kept them close as friends after he was appointed to the job, even supporting them to move forward and still succeed in other areas of life. Let us cultivate these priceless humane things in life that are getting endangered. As we "compete" in this cold uncaring world, may we retain some of these attributes that humanity so craves. A genuine smile, laugh, question of care for someone, hug and being genuine whether with a crowd or with one person. May Simba Mhere rest in eternal peace and may we learn something from the way he lived his life.