Monday, February 17, 2014

Communication in silence

Does silence communicate? Is silence used as a passive yet potent form of communication? Whether it be conveying heartfelt adoration or seething anger, my silence cannot mean I am not saying anything. I am always saying something, whether by deed or lack thereof, body movement or lack thereof, eye contact or lack thereof. Hours spent without any spoken words, can be the most effective communication of endearment Communication is within unwritten precepts of community, developed over time. It is within the depth of relationship and interaction developed over time. The deeper the relation, the easier the move from verbal to non-verbal communication. Undeveloped communication questions silence in often antagonizing ways, while nurtured communication accommodates silence in a way that cultivates dialogue. A smile is silent, but it can communicate more than ten words may say. A laugh does not need to arise from an uttered joke, but can resonate from silence. Lack of communication in itself is communication in some instances. And if used by one, may be understood by those to which it is directed. Truly and clearly, silence does not mean the absence of communication.