Sunday, December 1, 2013

Teach me patience Oh Lord

I have often rushed to my own downfall. Pushed for results which were not ready for release. Rammed into doors that were not meant to be opened. Manipulated and forced volatile and fragile situations. Implemented decisions haphazardly without due care. Often, in a ‘spur of the moment’ of emotion or anger. Simply because I was not patient enough to wait. I failed to make the impact that I should have made. Got half baked results when I should have excelled. Became someone trying when I should have made it. Hurt and disappointed my loved ones in the process. Simply because I did not wait for the right moment. I just thought that I did not have time to wait longer. Whether my lack of time was real or mind perceived. How much I have regretted to know that God had plans. Bigger, better plans for me than I pushed for on my own. Only if I had waited for God to show himself in His time. When I seemed to languish in short seasons of waiting, which seemed like eternity for me and my impatience. I would have obtained a lifetime of joy for my patience. Teach me patience, Oh Lord so I may rejoice in time. Patience that I may have love, for love is patient. Patience that overcomes anxiety but gives peace. Peace, in the midst of waiting for you Oh Lord. Teach me patience that I may bless you always.

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